A Tip for Shane Dawson + Other Influencers: Don’t Make Explicit Jokes About Children

Shane Dawson Twitter

Many are questioning content created by influencer Shane Dawson with his explicit jokes about children.

While Twitter’s reaction was to call Shane an abuser, he strongly denounces the accusations. Some people are now asking what will influencers do to get famous and how low will someone go in creating content to shock and get views. With influencers like Logan Paul taking a break from YouTube over his dead body on camera stunt, many are questioning the content of influencers. Many are upset at his dark humor and his insensitive apology.

Posting obscene content is never a good idea. Eventually, it will surface, and sometimes you will be made to defend yourself. But are we really shocked? Don’t joke about babies.

Here are some tips on creating future content and staying away from jokes about dark subjects like child abuse.

  1. People have a right to discuss what was created for public consumption, even years later.
  2. Don’t make explicit jokes about children.
  3. Globally, millions of children are victims of sexual abuse and pedophilia.
  4. Don’t make explicit jokes about children.
  5. Victims do not care about why you dropped jokes back in the day to shock people.
  6. Don’t make explicit jokes about children.
  7. If you are truly sorry, create an apology that is humble and sincere.
  8. Don’t make explicit jokes about children.
  9. When you put out negative content, expect to get a negative reaction, even years later.
  10. Don’t make explicit jokes about children.
  11. That is all.

Judge for yourself.

If you are a victim of sexual assault, please contact the National Sexual Assault Hotline by calling 1-800-656-4673. They are available 24 hours every day.