Celebrities Bring Activists to Walk the Red Carpet


Celebrities such as Emma Stone brought activists as their guest to the Golden Globes last night.

If you have not seen the 75th annual Golden Globes on NBC last night, I certainly hope you have recorded the program. Stars such as Emma Stone, Meryl Streep, Laura Dern, Amy Poehler, and Shailene Woodley walked onto the red carpet with women activists dressed in black to talk about the “Time’s Up” movement along with #MeToo.

If you were born with the weakness to fall, you were born with the strength to rise.

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In the photo above, Big Little Lies star, Laura Dern, was “honored” to walk the red carpet with Monica Ramirez. She is the head of the National Farmworkers Women’s Alliance where she fights for equal pay and sexual violence in the workplace. Talking to Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet, she states, “Farmworker women pick, pack and plant the food that we eat and have a long history of combating workplace sexual violence.” For Laura Dern, she invited Monica Ramirez to walk the red carpet with her because she believed she could be an advocate for all 700,000 women who told their stories.

Celebrities walked in the black dresses and outfits to celebrate those who told their stories about sexual misconduct in the workplace. The Golden Globes, hosted by Seth Meyers, started off on a light and funny note and celebrated the pure talent amongst the stars who act in shows and movies as well as directors, writers, and the activists who showed their support about sexual misconduct in all industries.