Louis Tomlinson Sends Fans into a Frenzy


The boy band megastar Louis Tomlinson hinted early Friday morning that he would try and level the playing field when it came to meet and greets.

Hinting at some friendly competition over meet and greet passes, the father of one stirred up quite the commotion on Twitter among his 31.7 million followers.

With free meet and greets in the mentions, fan accounts were resurrected and hopping at the chance to get in on the fun. The “Back to You” singer didn’t stop the speculation there, but signed off by saying there was “nothing set in stone” just yet.

If you’re hoping to make it backstage, we have a few suggestions for you. Start by turning on his notifications. With bombshells like this, you want to be the first to know. Next, listen to his latest release “Miss You” on repeat so that you are ready for the show. Lastly, save some money for the concert and merch. As each member of One Direction continues to follow their own path and make their own music, we are reminded of how expensive our love for boy bands may be.