Why Logic’s Album is What Everyone Needs to Hear

Def Jam

Logic’s new album covers everything from anxiety and depression to race and what he faced in his own life being mixed, but everyone telling him that he is white.Mental health is something that is starting to become more talked about in the mainstream media but is still almost considered a taboo. Logic is one artist that is taking advantage of that and making his entire album about the topics that we are just starting to make normal.

One of the most impactful songs on the entire album is 1-800-273-8255. The title is the phone number for the suicide hotline and the entire song is about wanting to find relief from the feeling of depression. It takes a more heartfelt take on the huge and very important issue. By the end of the song, it inspires the listener, that there is so much to live for and the importance of getting help for depression. Another song on the album is called Take it Back and it explains how Logic is of mixed race and how growing up, no one thought he was. All in all, this album is one the of the best of 2017, because of all the heavy topics within the album and how well they were brought to the limelight reaching millions.