Shay Mitchell Watches Her Own ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Audition


“Pretty Little Liars” premiered in 2010 and is still going strong. While Shay Mitchell is ready for a new chapter in the Pretty Little Liars world, she recently took some time to reflect back to the beginning by watching her audition tape.

The actress uploaded a video for her fans to YouTube earlier this week of her re-watching a few of the tapes.
“I’ve stalled for as long as I could, but I’m not going to stall this any longer,” she says in the video. “I shot this 8 years ago and let’s just say I was a little baby. So now I’m watching it I am a little bit embarrassed but its fine, I’m going to watch it with you guys and share my thoughts.”

The tapes show her auditioning for the character Emily Fields, the scene is where she runs into Aria and Emily meeting Maya St. Germain. The gives some credit where it’s due saying how she delivers the lines very well. However, she can tell some differences in her voice and her style especially.

Even though some of the tapes made Mitchell cringe a little, she saw how far she has come as an actress and all the success that has come with it. Watch Below.