Fans Think That Bella Thorne Got Lip Injections, So Let’s Discuss Celebs + Their Lips


Bella Thorne knows how to make a statement. She has a quirky fashion sense and a bubbly personality. It was even reported that the star got a ‘bite me’ tattoo on her hip. However, her most recent statement might’ve just been accidental.

Last night #jingleball #iheartradio

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The actress recently strutted down the Jingle Ball red carpet with what some say are dramatically swollen lips. Thorne uploaded a photo from the red carpet to her Instagram the next day with the caption “Last night #jingleball #iheartradio.” Her fans are confused. Did she get lip injections? Many were convinced that she did. Certain fans took their social media to criticize Thorne, calling her “Kylie Jenner,” saying she looked very unnatural.

Turns out, it was an allergic reaction to some food she had eaten. She had also posted an Instagram story of her lips, asking “What am I supposed to do with this thing?” Thorne grimaced as if she was in pain.

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The swelling had eased up a little bit before Thorne’s Jingle Ball appearance, but not enough to avoid a reaction obviously. It didn’t stop some from having an opinion.

So let’s talk about this. What we need to address is the constant online hate that celebs get for changing their appearance when and if they do. Shouldn’t body positive include everyone and support those who are natural as well as those who want a change? Online harassment is wrong. Period.

While some are pushing for the body positive movement and calling out celebs who change their appearance to feel better about themselves, this appears to be a false alarm due to an allergic reaction. It’s great to have an opinion, but your opinion doesn’t have to be mean.



Black females who historically have full lips are not always seen as beautiful by some who operate with prejudice and bias. However, when a non person of color person suddenly has full lips, it has been deemed as beautiful and an asset for their career. Body positive movements are working hard to change this.


Recently, Mac Cosmetics came under attack when they posted an image of a dark model with full lips.

The comment reads,

“Black women will never be as beautiful as white women. The only argument blacks have is they have more melanin like that matters [crying emoji]. Yes white women can get injections and when they do, they are basically flawless. You don’t have any thing [sic] over them anymore and thats [sic] why you get so pissed off. Keep lying to yourselves thinking your dark asses look better. [crying emojis]. dont [sic] even come at me with the ‘all white features were first started by blacks’ Even if that was true, WHERE THEY AT THO? [100 emoji] Keep projecting your jealousy on white women though, Id [sic] rather be a cracker with injections than look like the majority of you oily yet ashy at the same time people. Acting like you don’t bleach your skins, get nosejobs, get contacts, and dye your hair blonde. [crying emoji, wave emoji].”

Cardi B is very outspoken on what feminism means to her and her thoughts about surgery.

She recently was featured on both the cover of Rolling Stone and New York Magazine as well as knocking Taylor Swift out of the top Billboard #1 spot with Bodak Yellow breaking stereotypes about women of color on the way and stating that the feminism movement should not body shame.

Low self-worth sometimes surfaces, when some people who do get surgery, flaunt it and are rewarded for it and it sometimes make others feel less than. Rather than focusing on who a person is, we have a society rushing to glamorize the next big surgery reveal. Also, it becomes a problem when brands support only those celebs and influencers who go under the knife and those that love themselves as they are, get left out. Maybe we just need a more balanced society that doesn’t have one standard of what beauty is.


It’s even more problematic that black women have to fight harder to get respect for their full features which is mimicked by those having surgery. Messy right? Have hope because the more our voices are heard, the more change we can bring. Overall there is nothing better than loving yourself and loving others.



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