Here are the Finalists for ‘Time’ Person of the Year


Names on this year’s shortlist won’t surprise many.

The list was announced this morning on Today and included ten of some of the most influential men and women of this year.

Two groups of people made this year’s shortlists, both dreamers and members of the #metoo movement. Both have found themselves in the news numerous times this year, as Trump has done away with DACA and the current string of sexual assault cases which have come out since October. The last time a group one the title of Person of the Year was in 2014 when ebola fighters were recognized for their efforts.


Another front runner is Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins. Time noticed her achievements as she is the first woman director to break $100 million at the box offices.

Last year’s Person of the Year, Donald Trump, is nominated once again. With his unconventional ways of handling his presidency, including his daily Twitter rants and controversial policies, Trump has certainly shaken things up on Capitol Hill. This could also be the most debated nomination as well, considering many people on Twitter believed that the resistance should have been recognized in their efforts against Trump and his presidency.

Other people in line for the title include Kim Jung Un, Colin Kaepernick, Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, Chinese president Xi Jingping, Robert Mueller, and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. The winner will be announced this Wednesday on Today in the seven o’clock hour.