Bachelor In Paradise Newlyweds, Carly + Evan Bass, Are Expecting


Another addition will soon be added to the Bachelor family.

If you recall season 3 of ABC’s Bachelor In Paradise, we’re sure you remember the unique couple pictured above.

Although Carly Waddell and Evan Bass are now happily married, it wasn’t always smooth sailing.

Season 3 consisted of Evan trying to gain attention and affection from Carly. From a date of trying to beat the record for World’s Hottest Kiss with a habanero pepper, to Evan faking illness just to spend time with Carly in the hospital, this couple proves that true love does exist, although you may have to work for it a little.

After many attempts to get Carly to feel the same way about Evan that he felt for her, it eventually worked. The two became engaged at the end of their season and returned to season 4 for a special appearance in which the two got married in Mexico.

Months later, the couple announced that they are expecting to expand their family with a baby girl. We must say, Carly makes an adorable pregnant woman! Take a look below:

Congrats, Carly and Evan. We can’t wait for the arrival of your baby girl.