White Supremacists are Trying to Plan Another Rally in Charlottesville


It has not even been four months since white supremacists took to the streets of downtown Charlottesville for the horrific events that ensued, leaving one counter protester dead.

However, there is no such thing as too soon for this group of individuals, as they are now attempting to plan an anniversary rally in 2018.

White supremacist leader Jason Kessler, who planned the first rally, wrote on his blog, “I’ve applied for a new permit at Charlottesville’s Lee Park for August 11th and 12th 2018 on the one year anniversary of Unite the Right.”

This move is extremely insensitive to the town of Charlottesville and anyone who else may have come in for the counter protests, considering the horrific car plowing that took place and ended up killing C’ville native Heather Heyer.

This is the Lawn tonight, united in love and peace, standing in opposition to hate. #hoostogether

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However, it is unlikely Charlottesville will willingly give the bigots a permit for the next rally. “I fully expect the Charlottesville government to try and reject it and I’m ready for that fight,” Kessler went on to state.

So what exactly would be a goal of this next rally one would ask? He stated,”We need to prove to them that we are the good guys.”

It is highly doubtful that anyone will view you or your racist pals as “good guys,” Mr. Kessler.