Kylie Jenner Just Filed a Trademark for What?


Kylie Jenner’s makeup line KYLIE COSMETICS is super popular and known to sell out just minutes after being restocked. However, it seems that Jenner is taking it to the next level.

When you were little and would hear the ice cream truck coming, you’d run outside to see what you could get. Well now, you just might be able to do that but with makeup. The Hollywood Reporter has reported that Jenner, 20, recently trademarked a “Kylie Truck” and a “Kylie Jenner Truck.” The truck would be stocked with products from the cosmetic line as well as other Kylie-branded merchandise. imagine being able to just walk outside and get your Kylighter or KitLip without having to get dressed and drive to the nearest beauty supplier. It will be interesting to see how long the supplies will last or if they will go just as quick as they do offline or off the shelf.

Jenner is trying to bring her products closer to the consumer. The star’s lip, eye, and face products have also hit the shelves at pop-up stores in Topshop. Just in time for the holiday’s ladies.