Gabrielle Union Speaks out About Her Braids in the Workplace


Gabrielle Union has never been scared to speak out or speak her mind. Now, she is finally speaking out about being told her braids were not ‘work appropriate.’

“The idea that how you wear your hair somehow relates to your character, your intelligence, or your wokeness is bullshit,” she told Byrdie.

This issue is not uncommon, women of color are constantly being harassed about their hair. Many say it is distracting, which insane. Union continues talking about her own experiences of discrimination due to her skin color in her line of work.

“I was doing a project and with the character the producers were coming up with what they wanted to do for her hair’, Union said. ‘I was like, “Well, I want to wear braids.” And they went on to say, “We just really want her to look more polished”. I said, “You all really don’t understand what we’re talking about here?”

Union is fed up. She hopes that soon, people will embrace the “hair journey.” A person’s character and work ethic are more important than the way they wear their hair.