Did Selena Gomez Dye Her Hair Again?


Selena Gomez just dyed her hair blonde, but did the actress/singer take it to a whole new level? She recently posted on Instagram a picture of her with rainbow bangs. If you look closely enough, you can tell that she is actually wearing a wig probably fooling many fans.

Many celebs have been “wigging out.” Some that are famous for wearing wigs include Lady Gaga, Amber Rose, Beyoncé, and even Rihanna. More and more keep jumping on the bandwagon including Emily Ratajkowski and Kris Jenner. Ratajkowski has posted pictures of her with red hair and blonde hair within less than 10 days of each other and to be honest, she can pull off both looks amazingly. Amber Rose as you know, shaves her head and then miraculously shows up to the MTV VMAs with long brown hair. What about Kris Jenner all of a sudden being platinum blonde back in October? You can thank the magic of wigs.

Celebs change their look drastically. One day they have short hair and the next they have the longest locks. Easy enough, you can just wake up in the morning and pick out a wig just like your clothes.