Drew Barrymore’s Holiday Letter to Her Daughters Is Beyond Cute


The holidays can be a very stressful time especially for all the mothers out there.

Not even celebrity status can keep the stressors away, Drew Barrymore says she feels like a “big pile of mush” but was she was also moved by the nostalgia of Thanksgiving. She felt so inspired that she left her daughters-Olive who is 5 and Frankie who is 3-a love note via her Instagram Sunday evening.

Olivia received the first note. The picture posted was a snap of the actress and her oldest daughter. The message begins with “The love of my life. Olive.”

The rest of the notes goes, “This is a very special time. And may it bring out the best in all of us. And all the spirit of family and loved ones. I never knew I could love so much. I never knew I would be so lucky one day to be a mom. Thank you to all our many blessings for our family. And we wish them right back to yours.”

The next post was dedicated to the youngest, Frankie. The picture used is adorable. It is the backs of the mother and daughter riding a carousel.

The message reads, “The other love of my life. Frankie. Side by side, holding hands. Best moments. I wish I could freeze them in time. To the old sounds of the carousel. Going round and round. These holidays can make me so nostalgic and just a big pile of mush!”

The words are sweet and genuine. Happy Holidays to their family and the rest of the families out there.