Selena Gomez + Puma Debut ‘Phenom’ Sneakers


Selena Gomez collabs with Puma

Selena Gomez shared this picture on her Instagram account to let us know that she is excited to work on her collaboration with Puma to release the Puma Phenom sneakers.

Selena Gomez is collaborating with Puma, and she will appear in the upcoming women’s footwear campaign for Phenom. She states she is, “very excited,” to be a part of this innovative creation.

Selena is a part of this amazing project and the style look great on her. She is spreading her wings from her singing, and acting career to working in the fashion industry. She makes multitasking look so easy. It is phenomenal to see women be a part of different industries because it reminds us that we also can do and achieve anything.

Check out the video of Selena rocking them below:

The Puma sneakers can match with every style and you should keep a lookout for when the shoes are available to the public.