There Is Officially a New Route of the Keystone XL Pipeline


What does this decision mean?

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A decision was made regarding the route of the oil pipeline to flow from Canada into the state of Nebraska Monday which comes with mixed reviews.


These reviews stem from environmentalists who believe that after the most recent oil spill on the 17th, still accepting the pipeline to move forward, is not only reckless but unintelligent.

Regulators of Nebraska have accepted the project to move forward under one condition: the route is changed. This includes a longer pathway for the inner-pipes to integrate through but will overall avoid the Native American reservations that brought about enormous court conflict for the past eight years.

TransCanada, the original pipeline company, has not readily made a comment which has left the public even more-so confused. The company’s president, Russ Girling, issued a statement later wanting to “conduct a careful review” and assess “how the decision would impact the cost and schedule of the project.”

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