Jay-Z Writes on Justice System in Op-Ed for New York Times


The New York Times opinion piece comes after Meek Mill’s recent jail sentence for violating terms of his probation.The rapper states early on his piece that Meek Mill has “been on probation for basically his entire adult life” for a crime that he committed when he was 19.

“Instead of a second chance, probation ends up being a landmine, with a random misstep bringing consequences greater than the crime. A person on probation can end up in jail for a technical violation like missing a curfew,” he writes.

He also cited his concert last week, when he stopped to talk to the audience about Meek’s verdict.

It’s obvious Jay- Z feels passionate about the topic of injustices and legalities within the probation system. He makes the statement, “taxpayers in Philadelphia, Meek Mill’s hometown, will have to spend tens of thousands of dollars each year to keep him locked up, and I bet none of them would tell you his imprisonment is helping to keep them safer,” which really puts things in perspective for the reader. Imagine where else Philadelphia could be putting that money if they weren’t using it to put away non-violent probation violators. His opinion piece is definitely a conversation starter that won’t be going away anytime soon.

What did you think of Jay-Z’s piece?