Ansel + Post Malone = Friendship Goals in One Picture


Ansel and Post Malone leave us speechless

MTV posted this picture on their Instagram, and captioned it, “SOLID FRIENDSHIP GROUP, 10/10, WOULD RECOMMEND.”

This was such a heart melting picture because it looks like a picture that describes their relationship. We all know we share pictures like that with our friends, so its great seeing celebrities share similar chemistries.

Especially with Thanksgiving approaching us, its great to take time out of our busy schedules to remember, and remind the people that mean most to us that they do. So take a break from what you’re doing to tell that special person that they mean the world to you because sometimes we get so caught up on living life that we forget to appreciate the smallest things.

Just like Post Malone and Ansel can’t stop smiling in this picture, you should take a picture just like this, and embrace your unique relationship with that special person.