Kehlani Is Winning with This New Track


Kehlani has released a new single.

Kehlani is releasing track after track. This is her third single she’s released since her album “SweetSexySavage” came out. The new single is called “Already Won.” Based on the cover art, it seems like Kehlani is taking the time to reflect on her accomplishments and awards that she’s received in her music career. As of now, she’s received nominations from the AMA’s and the Grammys, which is a great accomplishment to have made.

The lyrics in the single, speak on her positive mindset and how she doesn’t care about what other people say because she’s “already won.” She also takes comfort in knowing that she’s done and accomplished more than what many thought she was capable of. While it is short compared to her previous songs, it seems to be the most reflective of her music career.  We’re so proud of how much she’s accomplished and can’t wait to see what the future has in store for her. The single is below for your listening pleasure.

Besides this single, Kehlani has released two other songs called “Honey” and “Touch.” She’s also been a part of a collaboration with Lil’ Yachty with the song produced by Calvin Harris.

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