Kylie Cosmetics Releases Naughty + Nice Palettes

Are you ready for some new Kylie Cosmetics this holiday season?

Kylie Jenner has been releasing new products like crazy recently. With the holiday season coming up, we were sure that we were going to get more goodies from Kylie Cosmetics.

Kylie just announced two eyeshadow palettes that will be added to the limited edition holiday collection dropped on November 22, 2017.

First, there is the Naughty palette:

The palette features fourteen different shades of a wide variety of colors. It has five shimmery colors and nine mattes. The colors are:

  • Snowball (matte white),
  • Jingle (shimmery gold),
  • Unwrap Me (matte burnt maroon),
  • Snowflake (shimmery silver),
  • Merry Mint (matte mint green),
  • St. Nick (matte red),
  • Hot Toddy (matte dark brown),
  • Xmas Kiss (matte burnt orange),
  • Emerald (matte emerald green),
  • Ho Ho Ho (shimmery red),
  • Coal (matte gray),
  • Mischief (shimmery gray),
  • Tipsy (matte taupe), and
  • Glazed (shimmery yellow)

There is also another palette that goes alongside the Naughty palette called the Nice Palette.

This palette also features fourteen different shades. However, this palette contains more neutrals rather than a variety of vibrant colors. There are six shimmery colors and eight mattes. The colors are :

  • Jack Frost (shimmery white),
  • Gumdrop (shimmery mauve),
  • Holly (matte red),
  • Ginger Snap (matte burnt orange),
  • Blizzard (shimmery plum),
  • Miracle (matte baby pink),
  • Wonderland (matte dark maroon),
  • Lullaby  (matte peach),
  • Mulberry (shimmery purple),
  • Slay (shimmery gold),
  • Santa Baby (matte taupe),
  • Macaroon (matte mauve/pink),
  • Hot Cider (matte plum), and
  • Drummer Boy (shimmery red/purple).

The Kylie Cosmetics Holiday Collection are now available on the website. It’s unclear if the shades will be available in a pop-up shop or how much they are. We do know that these will be the perfect gifts for someone who is in love with Kylie Cosmetics or makeup in general.