While Many Brew a Hot Cup of Keurig Coffee, Some are Literally Destroying Their Machines at the Request of Sean Hannity, Protecting Roy Moore

While protests can come in many shapes and forms, this may be the stupidest one we have ever seen.

Speaking out about Republican senator Roy Moore who is said to have inappropriate relationships with a teenage girl, Sean Hannity of Fox News referred to the relationship on his radio show as, “consensual.”

The disturbing comment caused quite a stir, leading to many on social media putting pressure on his advertisers to pull their ads from both his radio show and his Fox News programming, including Realtor.com, Nature’s Bounty, 23 and Me, and Keurig which have already obliged.

This has angered many Hannity supporters who saw no wrong with the controversial statement. In fact, many have gone out and totally trashed their Keurig coffee makers.

These childish actions have been music to Hannity’s ears though, as he has retweeted many of these videos and made the comment himself on his Twitter, “I am humbled and speechless and frankly laughing my ass off. I love all my deplorable friends. Thank you and Game on!!”

We are curious to see how many advertisers will continue to yank their ads if Hannity keeps up with this foolish behavior.

Photo: Kuerig