Thirty Seconds to Mars Release Their Epic Video for “Walk on Water”

The American alternative rock band is known for involving their fans in every project they possibly can.

From backup vocals on their studio version of “This is War”, to Leto interviewing fans himself for their “Closer to the Edge” music video, the latest video for their first single released in over four years was no exception to this fan involvement.

At the end of June- early July- the band released on their page a request for fans to send him an inside look of how a day in the life of an American looked and, in the end, they received over 10,000 responses to make the video. Life, death, pain, pride, and joy- 30 Seconds to Mars wanted to show every aspect of life the American faces.

What does #ADayInTheLifeOfAmerica mean to you?

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The video unifies fans and Americans alike, reminding the viewer that regardless of gender, race, ethnicity or class, we are all the same. You can watch the “Walk on Water” video below:

Thirty Seconds to Mars is headed back on the road soon, having already released their European tour dates. American fans are still waiting patiently for tour dates to be announced though, so keep a lookout!

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