Rumi and Sir Are Shown For the First Time


Beyoncé’s twins are 5 months old. 

Rumi and Sir Carter were seen for the first time in public since Beyoncé’s newborn photo shoot in which she was holding the babies in her arms dawned in a long flowing gown surrounded by a trellis of flowers, last July.

Jay-z brought the entire family along to his concert in Orlando, Florida last weekend, including his wife Beyoncé, the twins Rumi and Sir, big sister Blue Ivy, Beyoncé mom Tina and Jay-z’s mother Gloria. The group stayed at a mansion in Miami and were seen going in and out of the mansion during their stay relaxing in the sun.

In the photos, Beyoncé holds onto to handsome baby boy Sir. Grandma Gloria is carrying adorable little Rumi Carter. Proud Grandma Gloria Knowles Lawson told reporters earlier this year that she adores being a grandmother to twins. She spoke how the two babies are so different and have such different personalities. “They’re doing great. They are absolutely beautiful and so much fun. I mean, I haven’t ever been around twins, but it’s so cute, I can hardly take it!”

The two children were named for different reasons. Jay-z previously stated to podcast Rap Radar that Rumi was named after a Persian poet and scholar whom he and Beyonce call one of their favorites poets.  The inspiration for Sir’s name was simply that the baby came out like a “sir” when he was born.

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