Massive College Party Leads to Floor Collapsing at University of Texas



College students party, it is a known fact. However, this party got out of hand. The floor of an apartment complex called The Ridge collapsed during a homecoming party at the University of North Texas. Many pipes and plumbing were destroyed, and the city will have to determine if any code violations occurred, but only minor injuries were sustained.

UNT student DeeJay Priestly was at the party and told that he was right next to the floor that collapsed. “My partner was actually one of the ones who fell down and I saw him fall through the roof. One moment he was there, then he wasn’t,” he said during a phone interview.

Luckily, the neighbors who lived directly below were not home because they feared the floor would not hold up, even reporting the party to the authority’s multiple times. Carley Carroll is a UNT sophomore and one of the girls who lived below. She is thankful she was not home, but she did lose most of her personal belongings.

“TV’s, computers, just everything. Everything you need for college is gone,” said Carroll when talking to Chron. They have a GoFundMe to help raise money to replace what was lost.

50 other residents will be displaced according to the station report. More information will come soon.

Photo: GoFundMe

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