Martinez Twins Leave Team Ten

What troubles are in Team Ten?

According to the famous YouTube twins and former members of Jake Paul group “Team Ten,” the Martinez twins have decided to leave the famous house.

Behind the reason includes the biggest accusation of members of the Team Ten household bullying the twins to their breaking point. In a tweet written by Emilio, one brother explains their hurtful taunts stating, “People who want to make fun of you, laugh at you, or even try to hurt you, that’s cause they know you’re better than them and they wanna take you down, keep smiling, that’s it.”

In their most recent YouTube video, they explain their side of the story:

In Team Ten’s response to the twins sudden separation, a written statement was made to comment on the controversy. In the statement, Team Ten wishes both brothers all the luck in their endeavors but was just as shocked about the news as the fans were finding out. What do you think about the twins splitting from Team Ten?

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