Cat Fish Stars Want to Talk to You About Hurricane Maria and Puerto Rico


The worst hurricane to hit the U.S. commonwealth in 90 years, has exceeded the resources of (FEMA) the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Disaster Relief Fund. The island is still in devastation.

The majority of Puerto Rico’s 3.4 million residents are still without power, 10 percent are without water, and thousands still live in shelters.

Restoring the power grid has been a top priority since Maria’s 150 mile per hour winds knocked it out completely on Sept. 20. About 12 percent of cell towers on the island are operational again and Puerto Rican officials estimate that only about 40 percent of residents have any kind of internet or cell service.

The company Whitefish Energy came under fire for winning the $300 million dollar contract to restore power as well as overcharging for work done. They did this as a two man owned company and many questioned why such a small company would win such an important contract. They have been asked to step away from the contract.

Many are still without food and water and have taken to the streets looking for public streams which can cause many health problems. Many have asked how they can help, but don’t know how.

The stars of MTV’s Catfish, have come forward with a PSA on one way that you can help right now. You can text catfish 41444 to help donate to Puerto Rico’s recovery effort.