TripAdvisor Will Notate Hotels with Reported Incidents of Sexual Assault

The strategic move comes after the review based site was accused of removing reviews discussing cases of sexual assault.TripAdvisor will remove reviews that they believe go off topic, or deem have non “family friendly” content. Many women, and even some men, however saw their reviews about Mexican hotels removed which discussed drinks being spiked at swim up bars to security guards raping the reviewer.

It seems that TripAdvisor cared more about the money than the well being of the tourist, as most of their revenue comes from advertising and referrals to other hotel sites. Imagine if a paying hotel was receiving bad reviews on TripAdvisor’s site- they would no longer want to be a paying customer of TripAdvisor.

So when people caught wind of TripAdvisor’s actions, they were furious.


The stories released in the media forced TripAdvisor to release a statement. “We have decided to introduce a new ‘badge’ notification that will be displayed on a business’ listing page when an issue relating to that business is reported on by credible media sources, such as issues around health and safety or allegations of discrimination,” the company’s CEO Stephen Kaufer wrote. This badge does not address the problem totally though, as a victim of these incidents shouldn’t have to go to the media to have their review and experiences validated.

Do you think TripAdvisor took appropriate action?

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