It’s a Winter Wonderland in Ed Sheeran’s Music Video for “Perfect”

Ed Sheeran basically showed his fans why it is best to fall in love during the winter season.The video takes place at a ski resort, with Sheeran meeting up with a couple of guys and his love interest, actress Zoey Deutch.

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You see the pair along with their pals shredding down the slopes into the late hours of the night, when Sheeran and Deutch decide to go off on their own back to a cozy cabin.

There is lots of cuddling, snuggling, and even songwriting for the two as Ed sings the song “Perfect” for Zoey. This all leads up to a dance outside of the cabin in the falling snow. Um, as if this music video couldn’t have gotten any more “perfect!”

Does this British singer have you on the lookout for your very own winter love? Watch his latest video below!



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