Danielle Brooks Sends A Hopeful Message To A Student Dealing With Colorism



“Finally I’ve gotten to a point where I know I’m beautiful and can’t nobody take that away from me and I want you to know that too.”

Star of Orange Is the New Black Danielle Brooks recently responded to a young girl who described how hurtful it has been dealing with colorism. This video went viral on Instagram and in the video you can see a group of ladies talking about the struggles dark-skinned woman face with beauty. “I thought light skinned girls were prettier. I was always the Black ugly girl because like you could look at all the lighter skinned complexions and everybody would be in love with them in their face and everything…” The young girl explained.

Brooks caught wind of this video and shared her thoughts. “Let’s keep lifting up our girls. Be the person you wish somebody was for you. #mymelaninispoppin 💜✌🏾.” Brooks stated in her video caption. She explained her experience with the issue of colorism and how she managed to overcome it with self-love.

Check out her response in the video below.

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Instagram/Photo: @danniebb3

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