Target Premieres Advent Sock Calendar


Target recently released advent sock calendars.

Just when you thought nothing more could be done with advent calendars, Target surprised us all with their new advent sock calendars. In the past, there have been advent calendars for chocolate, cheese, wine, beauty products and many other things. However, this seems to be the first advent calendar that contains something we can wear.

Target seems to be the first to do this as there aren’t any other stores on record that have done this. There are several different themes for the sock calendars. They include Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Disney. There are also generic holiday versions if you aren’t a fan of any of those famous brands. The socks in the calendar are two different styles: crew and no show. The stockings contain pictures of the theme with which they are associated.There are also various styles for men, women, and children.

This seems like the perfect holiday gift for someone who loves Disney, Star Wars or one of the many other themes Target is offering. It can also be a great gift to bring for a gift exchange or a round of white elephant. It’s also very affordable with a price of $15 for each of them. It’ll keep your wallet and feet happy this holiday season. The advent calendars are available in stores as well on Target’s website.