Woman Fired From Job After Flipping off Trump

Juli Briskman was on her usual bike ride in Northern Virginia when the President’s motorcade made its way past the government contracted employee.

As Briskman thought about the current state of things in Puerto Rico and Las Vegas, all while the President was out golfing, she felt the need to let him know that he was number one.

Photographer Brendan Smialowski captured the statement, and posted it to social media later that day.

As it began popping up, Briskman’s friends pointed out to her and asked if it was her in the viral photo. The single mom of two told Washington Post that she confirmed her identity, saying, “Yeah, that’s me. Isn’t it funny?” She updated her Twitter icon and Facebook background to feature the newly famous photo.

When the cyclist made her employer, Akima LLC, aware of the picture and her identity on Halloween, she was promptly fired. The government contractor said Briskman broke their social media policy by being featured in the “obscene” photo, though she was not at work at the time the photo was taken nor was she advertising that she worked for the firm.

Briskman has taken her situation to the ACLU, as she feels she has been wrongfully reprimanded. While working for the company, she caught a senior director calling one of his employees over Facebook a, “Fu**ing Libtard a**hole.” After informing management of his actions, the only thing required of the director was to clean up the hateful comment and his social media profiles.

What do you think- do the actions not equal the punishment Briskman was given?