Victoria’s Secret PINK Releases New Christmas Styles


Victoria’s Secret Collegiate Line PINK has released their Holiday Collection.

The collection goes from their lingerie to clothing and even includes a warm sherpa blanket. For their bras, they come in a red, green or red plaid print with some decoration that consists of the line’s name. The underwear is the same but contains very saucy and holiday phrases on the back. These phrases include “Wreck The Halls,” “Sleigh My Name,” and “Naughty.”

Since it is a holiday collection, there has to be more green and red which is where the clothing comes in. Many of the shirts and hoodies are either green or red. There isn’t any holiday writing on some of them as it shown more through the holiday patterns. The most popular pattern is bows. The bows used are the same ones you’d find on top of a wrapped gift. In the collection, the bows can be found on several items of clothing as well as some underwear.

Now, it wouldn’t be the holiday spirit if there wasn’t some ugly sweater. PINK remembered this and added a glitzy but ugly sweater to their collection. The sweater is adorable and holiday appropriate. If the sweater doesn’t keep you warm, you can also use the blanket or onesie that’s in the collection. The red plaid blanket is very warm as it contains fur on one side to help keep you warm in the cold weather. The onesie can also be a good substitute as it’s a warm shade of red and has snowflakes on the front and sleeves. The collection is now available in stores and on their website.