Kim Kardashian Shares Kanye’s New Kicks

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Kim K posted this picture on her instagram, and captioned it, “Mud Rat 500’s.”

The Mud Rat 500’s are Kanye West new shoes. The nickname of these unique sneakers is the Yeezy “Desert Rat” 500. This sneaker is unique, and has meaning behind it because it features, “tonal upper with the retro midsole tooling pulled straight from Kobe Bryant’s 1999 Adidas KB8 3 signature sneakers.”

Mud Rat 500’s

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The material of the sneaker is suede, mesh, and cow leather. This means its not only stylish, but also comfortable to travel to the store around the corners, or go on an adventure in NYC. The sad part is that, these shoes won’t be released to the public till Spring 2018. While this sounds like far away, in reality Spring 2018 is around the corner.

Be patient, and stay alert so you know when to buy your new pair of shoes. Then you can strike a pose walking down your favorite neighborhood.

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