Mixed Chicks’ Products Have Your Next Day Curls Covered


Mixed Chicks is known for taming your dry curly hair. Tame your mane with their new Morning After Redefining Foam. 

Did you just have a full day of dynamite curls only to wake up, pull your scarf off to flat and dry tendrils? No worries, because Mixed Chicks has you covered. Instead of having to take 1-2 hours to wash, redo your curls and waste a lot of product, you can simply take a few pumps of their Morning After Redefining Foam with a few sprays of water and rejuvenate your coils from last night. The foam is super light weight, smells great and brings your curls back to life. 

Photo: Glitter Magazine

Snag a bottle at mixedchicks.net for $14.99. Watch the video below for a step by step.