Kendrick Lamar + Kobe Bryant Discuss How to Achieve Greatness At Complexcon


These two leaders came together to share their wisdom and advice.

Crowned as the greatest in their respective fields, Kendrick Lamar and Kobe Bryant both visited ComplexCon and hosted a discussion. The topics ranged from transitioning to a better person to what it takes to accomplish greatness. In regards to the difference between Bryant’s mentality for his player number eight to 24, he stated: “It’s crystal clear to me because it’s almost two different people in a sense… it becomes less about your self-domination and how can I help others grow.”

Following this, fans had a similar question for Lamar who has gone through different alter egos in his career success through three platinum albums, he stated: “I look at Kung Fu Kenny as a master of the craft now. Now you have the ability to make songs and still have the wordsmith technique and intertwine it and have a composed mentality on how to approach music.”

Following this discussion, they answered what it takes to acquire greatness. Bryant answered this by saying, “there’s a certain stubbornness that comes along with being great.” Lamar continued with, “It’s the curiosity of it. The fear, the anxiety. It’s the curiosity of knowing, damn, I can possibly overcome this.” To become the greatest, both of these two had to embark on change and growth, and that was explained here.

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