Puppies, Kids + a Cupcake Fight, Harry Styles’ ‘Kiwi’ Video is Out Now

The crazy music video for “Kiwi” is finally here.

Harry Styles has been teasing us for the past week with stills from the “Kiwi” music video. Well, today is finally the day that we get to see this insane video.

The main focus of this video is on many well-dressed school children. One of them is even sporting the same exact outfit as Harry himself.

The children have a massive food fight in a huge auditorium. As one of the children runs out of cupcakes, they go to grab more food from the center, making their way through the chaos. Then as they are crawling back to their food fight base where they were throwing from, none other than Harry Styles enters with an adorable puppy. He lets the puppy down which causes it to immediately start running around and eating all of the food being thrown.

Soon, more and more dogs are joining the party. The video ends with all of the children and Harry posed in a very elementary classroom way with food scraps all over their faces and body. Check it out below.

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