ERDEM x H&M Collection

Are you ready for the ERDEM x H&M Collection?

London-based label Erdem will now be hitting your local H&M store with their new 83-piece collection. Prices for the prestige brand loved by Kate Middleton, Nicole Kidman,  Alexa Chung and more reach prices of over $1,500. Luckily, the collection at H&M will cap at about $299. So you can dress like the princess without the price tag. Kate has proudly earned the title of Erdem’s biggest fan.

The pieces in this collection will feature many floral patterns, especially on elegant gowns. The designer, Erdem Moralioğlu, prides himself with making pieces that will be relevant forever. These pieces will never go out of style. The collection will also attract people of all ages, from someone in their 20’s to someone in their 70’s.

This will be the first time that Erdem Moralioğlu is designing menswear.

The collection will be available on Thursday, November 2 and is bound to sell out. To get your hands on this collection is it suggested to line up at flagship locations because they will get more products. Only about 25 stores in the United States will carry it. You can check for locations here. Luckily, the collection will also be available online.

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