Did Kourtney and Kim Have the Best Costumes This Year?

Kim and Kourtney Kardashian are two of the most powerful women in the world when it comes to setting fashion trends.

Its only right that the two sisters dressed up as two of the most iconic figures to ever grace a stage, Madonna, and Michael Jackson.

Kim Kardashian West on Twitter

MJ & Madge -#ICONS https://t.co/sbz5Fk9eI6

Jackson and Madonna attended the Academy Awards together in 1991 when “Sooner or Later” was nominated and won the award for Best Original Song. The Kardashians both posted pictures of the two to show off their Halloween costume inspiration.

Kim is dressed in a silvery, very beaded dress, white fur stole, a beautiful necklace, a single white glove, topped off with a blonde wig and red lipstick. Kourtney absolutely killed her costume. She looks eerily similar to the King of Pop. The hair, the black gloves, white blazer with the black band, and dancing shoes that make moonwalking a breeze.

Kim Kardashian West on Twitter

Michael Jackson & Madonna https://t.co/RTxA90XfBC

This Halloween, Kim Kardashian dedicated this spooky holiday season to celebrities she considers “Icons” as she said on her Twitter on Saturday. The outfits included Cher, Aaliyah and of course Madonna. With the help of her sister, she knocked them all out of the park for sure. Check out Twitter and Instagram for more pictures.

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