14 Year Old Russian Model, Vlada Dzyuba was Worked to Death

Photo: Shutterstock

Though an autopsy hasn’t taken place yet,  it is believed teen model Vlada Dzyuba died of sepsis.The young model didn’t even have medical insurance through her modelling agency, deterring her from initially seeking medical attention. Vlada was in China when she fell ill after working a job that went from 8am to after 5pm on October 24. Her mother, Oksana Dzyuba, told the Russian television channel RTV that her daughter, “called and said, ‘I’m so tired, I worked for 13 hours, I’m so tired, I want to sleep.'” Later that night she became dizzy and began vomiting, and was taken to the hospital the next day. She died on October 27.

ESEE Model Management, Vlada’s representing agency in China, denied all claims that she was overworked an exhausted, and said to the Global Times in China that, “her workload was moderate compared with other models.”

Not only are the details of her death shady and difficult to confirm with very little cooperation from the parties involved, but light was also shed on Vlada’s pay. Though she was on a three month contract in China, she was only paid about $8.35 USD a day for her work, and was given no stipend for food or lodging.

People have been voicing their thoughts all across social media, denouncing the actions of her agents and everyone involved.

Though no action in the world can bring back this young woman that had a whole life ahead of her, we hope that Vlada may still find justice.

Photo Credit: Shutterstock