Harry Styles Assaulted During His Hollywood Bowl Set

The “Sign of the Times” singer was part of the lineup for the We Can Survive breast cancer benefit at the Hollywood Bowl in California.

Styles tries to get as close to his fans as possible throughout his concerts, whether it is a quick embrace with one fan or turning his water bottles into a makeshift sprinkler thrown all over the crowd.

This set was no different, as the singer approached the front row during his quick tempo hit “Kiwi”. Harry got down on his knees in front of a group of fans as he jammed away to the music. While his eyes were close though, a fan inappropriately grabbed the star’s crotch, which clearly jolted him.

Styles kindly swatted the fan’s hand away, and quickly got up before continuing on as if he didn’t miss a beat. Fans on Twitter mentioned how Harry didn’t return to that section of fans for the rest of his set.

Not only did the action clearly make him uncomfortable, but Styles’ mother, sister, and rumored girlfriend were all in the crowd when it took place. Imagine witnessing that happen to your loved one, and you have absolutely no way of preventing it.

Sexual harassment and assault is a two way street in regards to gender, and no one is immune to it. People need to be mindful that regardless of an individual’s status, this does not give anyone the right to treat them how they please.

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