Lebron James Is The Cutest At Big Shots And Little Stars Event

This special night is nothing short of greatness.

Wednesday night, the Cavaliers basketball team honored more than 40 pediatric cancer survivors and fighters at the annual Big Shots and Little Stars event. This is a fundraiser that helps benefit Flashes of Hope and The Children’s Tumor Foundation. It helps to raise awareness for pediatric cancer and to fund research. Other than the Cavaliers basketball team, this show was joined by The Mad Hatter, Queen of Hearts, and Alice in Wonderland characters. Each child was honored and treated like the stars they are.

An arena that is usually filled with sports fans was full of people looking to make a difference. Cavaliers basketball players, coaches, and some hockey team members each walked one child on the runway. For one night these children were able to dress, act, and feel like stars. One scene that stood out was the interaction between Lebrun James and one special survivor. In this video, we are able to see a lighter side to Lebron that we do not usually get on the court.


These heroes truly were the stars of the night.

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