Pink’s New Iridescent Anorak Jacket

Act fast to score this Iridescent Anorak jacket from Pink.

Victoria’s Secret Pink announced on their Instagram account yesterday that this anorak jacket will be available on October 16 starting at 10 am. You will have to act fast though because this jacket is only available online and who knows how long it will be there for. Given what we know about this, it is sure to sell out quickly.

The jacket is a beautiful iridescent blue and shinier than you could ever imagine. Across the top of the pocket, it has a black strip with the word “Pink” on it. The word “Pink” is also vertically placed over the hood.

It is the perfect jacket for fall and it is sure to be everything you need right now. It’s modern style will have all of your friends wanting one. But don’t wait head over to starting at 10 am on October 16 to get your hands on one of these stylish jackets.

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