Billie Lourd Talks About her Mom, Grandma + Childhood


Billie Lourd is perfectly creepy in the newest season of American Horror Story: Cult. Lourd plays the character winter, a member of a cult alongside of her brother Kai who is played by Evan Peters.

Lourd is gorgeous, intelligent and strong. This past year she lost not only her mother, Carrie Fisher but also her grandmother Debbie Reynolds within days of each other. The two were stars in their own as well.

In a recent interview she is interviewed by friend and costar, Sarah Paulson. The women talk about how they met, Lourd’s relationship with Fisher and how her childhood wasn’t so conventional. Lourd explains how living with her mom was like living in a fairytale.  Nothing seemed too weird, nothing was out of reach. The 25 year old even created her own major when she attended college at New York University, Art and Business as Religion. The star was not raised religious, but anytime she had any curiosity her parents let her experience whatever she wanted to be. For example when she wanted to know more about Judaism, they would attend bar mitzvahs.

Lourd never wished to have a more conventional childhood, she just always wanted a sibling growing up. Which she finally did get when her dad got married last year. What she really wants now is to uphold her mother and grandmother’s legacy and so far she is doing just that.

Instagram/Photo: @Praisethelourd