Ryan Gosling Shares Adorable Story With Jimmy Kimmel

Ryan Gosling talks about his adorable family

Aside from his successful career in acting and music, he is married to the beautiful Eva Mendes. The couple has two daughters together- Esmerelda who is 3-years-old and Amada who is a year and a half old.

Gosling recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live where he told a cute story about his family. Gosling not too long ago was in New York to promote Blade Runner 2049 and flew his family in to see him. While Esmerelda has been to New York before, this was Amada’s first time. Apparently, it didn’t go so well.

He took his youngest to the window to show her the city from their room. As Gosling welcomed his daughter to the big apple, two cars smashed into each other below. Smoke started to pour and the owners of the cars got out, and Gosling wouldn’t show the hand gestures the two chose to give each other.

He promptly covered her eyes and took her away from the window as quickly as he could. Hopefully, she will go back to New York one day and isn’t too scared from her first experience.

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