Forever 21 Celebrates National Handbag Day

Forever 21 reminded us of this amazing celebration

Forever 21 posted this picture on Instagram, and captioned it, “Got it in the bag…happy national handbag day!”

This was a special moment for us all because it reminded us of how diverse, and unique our bags really are. Handbags are not something we think about to much, unless its based on whether it matches our outfit that specific day.

got it in the bag 👜💗🍂happy national handbag day! (shop link in bio)

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From small to big bags, we all have a specific bag that has a special place in our hearts. Whether it’s our daily book bag for school or our small handbag we bring around to run errands they all have a significant meaning to our lives.

Forever 21 has a lot of variety when it comes to handbags. They have bags for your job interviews, date nights, and school days. Check them out at, or in stores to see the wide range they have for low prices. You don’t want to miss out on the greatness, and unique selection of handbags.

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