Beyoncé Is The Photo Collage Queen

When it comes to photo collages, no one does it better than Queen B

Beyonce has now become notorious for using collages any and every time she posts new photos on Instagram. Beyonce uses the collages to show off various different angles of her stylish outfits and sultry poses. No matter how many different picture collages Queen B posts, each post gets over a million likes within minutes which is easy since she has 107 million IG followers.

Often times in her Instagram photo collage posts, Beyonce will use music from various different artists to give “life” to her collages. A few of those artists their tunes she’s used are SZA’s “Love Galore”, Bruno Mars’ “Chunky” and the late legendary Prince’s “Kiss.” She also uses a plethora of different collage themes like animal prints, floral prints, and bright bold colors.

Instagram has become the place where Queen B lets us all into her private world. She has never been so “open” before on any social media platform. She posts regularly on Instagram and as soon as she does, her pictures are instantly reposted on just about every popular celebrity news account. Being she’s Queen B, that is expected.

Beyonce has a clear knack and obsession with taking photos and being creative with them. You can easily feel inspired to “jazz up” your own IG photos just by simply scrolling through her Instagram profile. You can also learn new selfie and body poses as well if you care to study hers long enough.

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