Urban Decay Releases New Lip Kit

Urban Decay is releasing a set which contains the most popular sheer, matte, and metallic shades of lip products in the Vice Collection.

In this set, called Vault of Vices, there are 15 products to give you enough of a range to mix and match so you could go weeks without using the same shades.

The set includes lipsticks as well as lip liners and liquid counterparts which allows you to build multiple looks. It also features a sparkly gloss called Special Effects which is commonly used as a top coat but could easily be worn alone. This set would be a great addition to your makeup collection, a gift for an Urban Decay makeup lover, or a way for you to familiarize yourself with Urban Decay’s lip products.The lip products are packaged in a large box where the outside is covered in an assortment of different lip shapes in black and white with the words “Urban Decay Vault of Vice” in gold print boxed in with a gold outline. The inside has the lip products standing, categorized by color and aligned with their lipstick, lip liner and liquid counterparts. They stand with a background of some shades that the Vice Collection contains.

To get your hands on this awesome set, look for it on their website.

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Twitter: @urbandecay

Photos: urbandecay.com