Pink’s Velvet Panties And Bralettes Are Now Available

The long-awaited velvet panties and bralettes are finally here.

Pink announced that it would be releasing velvet panties and bras a long time ago, and to look out in the future for them. The internet instantly went crazy. Girls were retweeting these like wildfire.

Whether you were one of those girls who retweeted these or you are just seeing them for the first time and love them, we have good news for you. Pink’s velvet bra and matching panties are now available in stores and online. They are selling out like crazy so you should head over to ASAP to get your hands on these.

This is a perfect gift for your velvet loving friends. The bralettes are $28.95 and are already rated with 4.7 stars from reviews on the website. These are definitely worth your money and you will surely be wearing them every day. So get your hands on them right now!

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