Cardi B’s Bodak Yellow Makes History, Again

Three weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 charts and there is no stopping Cardi B. She making money and career advancement moves.

Cardi B has made history again with her hit song “Bodak Yellow.” This week marks her third week at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart.

Bodak Yellow was released back in June of this year, and it quickly caused waves among people as it a song that gets people hyped as soon as the beat for the song begins. It spent a few weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 Charts before rising to number one in the final week of September. This makes her third week on the charts, and she is the first female rapper to be at number one for three consecutive weeks with no features.

billboard on Twitter

@IAmCardiB tops the #Hot100 again, the longest reign EVER for a female rapper with no features!

This song has been remixed multiple times and a lot of celebrities have shown their love for her and her song by making their own videos of them singing to the lyrics of her song. The catchiness of the lyrics of the song and the way she delivers them is what makes the song so relatable and makes people feel bossed up. With support from her #Bardigang Cardi continues to shine on the charts and at awards shows.

She shared her sentiments on her Instagram account recently:

Check out the video for the song below and we wish Cardi nothing but the best.

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