Trump Creates List of Demands in Exchange for DREAMers’ Protection

With the impending deportation of thousands of DREAMers in the very near future, Trump and his administration released a list of demands to “mitigate the legal and economic consequences of any grants or status to DACA recipients.”

The list of demands came Sunday evening, just weeks after Trump did away with DACA and had a closed door meeting with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer on the matter. On the 70 point list, of course, was a plan to still go forward with the border wall between Mexico and the US. This is a hot topic in itself, as both Schumer and Pelosi both said they would agree upon a plan for stronger border protection, but not the wall.

Trump also listed plans to crack down on sanctuary cities, outlining that certain grants given by the federal government will not be given to those hiding any undocumented person. It also requires all states and their local jurisdictions to provide any requested information to ICE regarding the undocumented individuals. This bullet comes days after California declared itself a sanctuary state.

Trump’s deal includes the implementation of E- Verify as well, which would make it harder for anyone who is not a documented citizen to acquire a job. This includes Federal contractors as well, who will be barred from any job if they are not upholding these new standards of employment.

It is uncertain what Trump and Republicans will be willing to budge on as far as this list goes, but politicians need to be quick on their feet these next coming months. DREAMers will begin losing their benefits as early as March 2018 if a deal isn’t agreed upon.

Photo/ Instagram: @nancypelosi

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