‘Rugrats’ Reptar Bars Are Real

Reptar Bars are coming into existence

The entertainment store FYE is selling these fictional products famously known from the 90s cartoon Rugrats. On the show, Reptar Bars were known to be the babies’ favorite junk food and were featured in a few of the episodes. It was also based off a fictional character within the show called Reptar, a green Godzilla-like character whom the babies loved just as much as the candy bars.

Reptar Bars are just chocolate bars filled with green frosting. The bars are being sold in a select amount of stores and the company suggests you check in with your local store to see when they’ll be in stock. If you aren’t able to get one of these nostalgic bars, FYE is also selling Reptar Cereal which is another item featured on Rugrats.

On the show, Reptar was a favorite for all the babies: Tommy, Chuckie, Angelica and the twins Phil and Lil.  Reptar’s products were something that they all owned but especially loved the bars, as it gave them green tongues.

Many fans were nostalgic and ready for their green tongues as they heard that the bars were coming to life. “My childhood dreams have come true!! Thanks @officialfye #Nickelodeon #Reptar #90skid” was one fan’s reaction.

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Photo Cred: FYE